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InDesign Course


On the InDesign Course you will learn to use and get the best from Adobe InDesign to manage, edit and output your documents.


Adobe InDesign is one of the leading desktop publishing packages, capable of producing flexible, eye-catching documents for print, web and mobile use. Our small group Adobe InDesign training is suitable for beginners and new users, allowing them to produce professional quality layouts for work or leisure.


Attendees have said they prefer our patient, friendly approach as well as the small group size (typically 2 - 4 people) which allows more individual help and attention. The practical hands-on style allows learners to make rapid progress with the numerous Indesign tools and panels, towards creating flexible attractive documents for the full gamut of business and leisure applications such as newsletters, brochures, small publications and more

Our Adobe InDesign training course covers each stage of dealing with your document design and layout in a patient and carefully explained way. Suitable for all versions inc cs3,4,5,6,cc,cc2014,2015,2017

THE ADOBE InDESIGN COURSE - Newbury, Berkshire


How to manage, edit and output your publications with Adobe InDesign

During the 1-day course you will learn:-




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Location: Newbury, Berkshire


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Attendees are welcome to use their own source material for editing & case studies

Our Adobe InDesign Course, tuition and training is held in Newbury, Berkshire and is within easy reach of surrounding areas such as London, Hampshire, Oxon, Wiltshire, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Surrey (within 1hr from London).  We also receive attendees from further afield including Kent, Essex, Bedfordshire, Gloucs, Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Sussex, Midlands  and South Wales

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Office Hours  Mon -Sat  9.30 - 5pm

One of the most effective ways to learn Adobe  InDesign is by  creating a number of actual real-life documents and we work through various examples, explaining the workflow options and covering some very helpful shortcut tools as we go. Attendees can bring their own source images if they wish or we will provide samples to suit. Either way, the day will be both productive and enjoyable with attendees gaining a real sense of achievement as well as plenty of practical hints, tips and DTP skills


Our Adobe InDesign training is suitable for

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Topics covered during the one-day Adobe InDesign Training session


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